Friday, July 15, 2011

Bathroom Fixtures

Here's a few things I've been eyeing in regards to the actual fixtures that we'll need to replace in the downstairs bathroom.

From Kohler. At $300, when you compare it to others similar, it's a bit pricey. But it's an idea of what I'd like. Very clean and simple. I'll likely be able to find something relatively similar for about half the price from American Standard or something. I do love browsing the Kohler site, though!

After you look at enough toilets, they all start to look funny and you kind of want to run into the bushes to poo instead. Seriously, I dare you to look up toilets and look at eleventy billion of them without thinking toilets look like the things aliens come to earth in or something. All we want is a plain dual flush boring old white toilet. I think they can be had pretty cheaply. This one is American Standard and it looks like it would do the job. It's $300 but I know Home Depot has 'em cheaper and Guelph give rebates for buying dual flush / low flow toilets so we won't spend more than $200 or so.

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