Friday, July 15, 2011

First things first!

Blog Two: doing stuff to our house in preparation for a sale that will happen some day. Normally I hate blogs that are limited time function, but I refuse to jump on the pinterest bandwagon and rather than print a bunch of stuff to throw in a binder somewhere (or cut things out of magazines, or buy design books...) I am going to keep my thought organized online. It may or may not work, but it's worth a try. Who knows, I may end up cutting things out of magazines anyway.

A little about our place: it's a 1050sqft semi detatched in a mixed student & family neighborhood that we bought 7 years ago and as of yet have put no work into, other than to make a lovely room for the baby. There are 3 bedrooms & a bathroom upstairs, kitchen and living room main, and then the laundry, another bathroom, and an office in the basement. We also have a good sized yard with a nice sized deck and have done little to no gardening. There is crappy pink carpet throughout the upstairs (other than the aforementioned baby room), hardwood in the living room, and oogly linoleum everywhere else. Perfect starter home or student housing, to be sure, it just needs a little love.

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