Friday, July 15, 2011

Downstairs Bathroom!

You always want to fix the things that you use most often first. I mean, hey, you use them most often. They should be awesome. In the case of our bathroom situation, however, that approach is just not going to work for me.

Let me tell you about our downstairs bathroom. It's tiny. The door hits the toilet when you open it. The toilet shifts if you sit on it. The floor is covered in weird grossness. The tap sprays. The mirror is all marked up. The shower is tiny and also covered in weird grossness. There is a teeny window at the top of the shower that is under the deck, so no light really gets in. The shower curtain and the valance over the window are totally moldy. Everything, in a word, is just. plain. Gross. Would you want to use this bathroom? You would probably rather go to an outhouse at a camp site than use this bathroom. True story.

What happens when you are renovating your main bathroom? You use the other bathroom. In this case, that sure as hell ain't going to happen. I would rather hold my pee for a week than take the chance of catching a weird butt mould from the toilet. I would rather not shower for a week than set foot in that shower.

First things first, then: renovate the downstairs bathroom so that I'm not terrified of using it when we do the upstairs bathroom. Andplushalso, no one will want to be around me if I don't shower for a week, and I certainly don't want to hold my pee for a week (failing that, get poison ivy from using the shrubberies in the park as my personal toilet).

I'm thinking of doing it in two shades of grey + white. Without making structural changes it's going to be more of a clean up & facelift than anything else.

There's an open cupboard that I'm thinking charcoal grey for. Walls, light grey. Shower stall, white with a glass door. Floor... undecided. I think I'll need to take a look around. We'll change the sink to a pedestal, get a nice new vanity, and of course replace the toilet.


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